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What is Cassaplast Bioplastic?

Cassaplast is a bioplastic made from cassava starch, vegetable oil derivative and biodegradable polymer 

What is difference between conventional plastic and Cassaplast?

Conventional plastic is made from petroleum while Cassaplast is made from renewable cassava starch

Can Cassaplast be degraded or decomposed in nature?

Cassaplast can be decomposed in nature with the help of mocro-organisms producing H2O, CO2 and other biomass product

How long Cassaplast can be decomposed in nature?

Cassaplast will decomposed for approx. 64 days using home composter with The Takakura Basket Method 

Does Cassaplast have international certificates?

Cassaplast does not currently have any certificates

Does Cassaplast have laboratory test result?

Cassaplast has several laboratory test result, one of which is from government laboratory shows that Cassaplast does not content PE or PP plastic ingredient and it is only made from cassava starch as main ingredient